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The Beijing zoo Beijing zoo is located outside the Beijing Hsi chih men, is China opens the earliest zoo. The Beijing zoo predecessor is the Qing Dynasty Wansheng Park, the Republic of China time Wansheng Park will change the agricultural experiment station, after new China had been established, officially names in 1955 as the Beijing zoo, the development until now, has become in the world a more influential zoo.

The life in on the Beijing zoo animal several hundred kinds, divides lives in the different field hall and the garden area. The Beijing sea hall, is located the zoo northeast corner, covered 35,000 square meters, the sea hall far looks resembles is a conch, in the hall constructs pond, shark hall, migration hall, sea theater as well as library, reading room place and so on has the tropical rain forest hall, touches, the tourist not only can nearly be away from and the marine life contact, moreover may witness the lovable micro-organisms splendid performance with own eyes, the experience sea charm. The lion Hushan, constructed in 1955, was located east the zoo, outside this field hall was the hill shape, in the mid-hill visits the hall, had the beastly shed, the feed room and so on, supposed the trapdoor to guarantee in the beastly shed ventilating with the natural lighting, the tourist reached this point the animal which was allowed safe to watch takes a walk. The panda hall provided the function for the lovable pandas to be complete, comfortable life-arena. The panda hall modelling also very much is fastidious, the outlook assumes the bamboo shoots shape, eastern part and middle folds the shape, west is the arc, the thick thin light and shade forms a nice contrast.

Inside and outside the room plants the massive plants, the attenion afforests, change exhibition hall environment. In addition, in the zoo important field hall also has the giraffe hall, the gorilla hall, the birds and beasts class exhibition hall, the elephant hall and so on several dozens fields halls, heartily has demonstrated the animals graceful bearing. In zoo except each place animal hall, but also has the wind hall, the peony pavilion, the Chinese peony garden, may appreciate the peony, the Chinese peony, tastes the wind hall flavor delicacies. In the garden also has a landscape for the smooth view building, it once was the end of the Qing imperial family suburb temporary palace, at present not to foreign countries opening up.

The Beijing zoo not only is for the tourist daily leisure, the appreciation rare and precious animal's place, or our country animal research, protection and reproduction base. The zoo once has carried on the food turkey reproduction experiment, sea cow raising and the reproduction research, the number of siberian tiger is raising and the reproduction, the panda artificial propagation research, Hou Fenghou raising reproduces, Zhu moves protects the research and so on several dozens kind of scientific research research project, and wins an award many times. The Beijing zoo provided an understanding animal, the close animal's opportunity for the people, the zoo year to year had adopted the micro-organism the activity, issued popular science knowledge, the people were allowed to take this opportunity to offer a compassion for the animals, learns the knowledge which very many usually was not easy to learn, the academic society and the animal harmoniously is together.