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Leading spring

Leading Springs is located in gushan mountain foothills, was built in the Yuan dynasty extended two years (1315). Legend Springs after the diversion of water rock, Cliff out from here. Descendants of water this stone dragon mouth, fitted under the leading of a turbine and hung a small Bell, tap water. This water to turbines making it turn and driving the chiming. According to the information from the Yuan dynasty on relevant records this spring for thousands of years of drought is not exhaustive ... View Detail


Drum Mountain, an important scenic area in Fuzhou, has enjoyed a long history and reputation. As early as the Jin Dynasty, it was appraised as one of "The Two Matchless Scenic Beauties in Fujian Province." Lying 8 km southeast of the city on the northern side of the Min River, the beautiful mountain with four peaks nemed Lion, White Cloud, Alms Bowl (of a Buddhis monk) offers over 160 sites of interest, centred by the Gushing Spring Temple (aka Fountain Temple). Since ancient times, ... View Detail

Qishan National Forest Park

Qi Shan(Flag Mountains) National Forest Park is located to the southwest of Fuzhou city in the south of minjiang river, stands between Shangjie & Nanyu Towns in Minhou county, emerald green flag mountain ( Cui Qi Shan )as another name. The mountains are like triumphant banners flying, so they get the name flog mountains(Qi Shan in Chinese). It's an easy half hour drive from the city to the foot of the mountain.With an altitude of 755 meters, the Qushan Forest Park is 5.4 kilometers wide ... View Detail

Wing Tai Qingyunshan

Located in Linglu Town and Chixi Town of Yongtai County, this national AAAA scenic zone and national key scenic resort is about 13 kilometers from Yongtai County and 75 kilometers from Fuzhou City. This scenic zone covers a planned area of 52.5 square kilometers and is distributed with 7 1000- kilometer tall peaks and 9 canyons and rivers.Qingyun Mount is located in the tropical zone of Central Asia. Featuring a warm climate and diversified forest plants, the mountain grows 183 families, 667 ... View Detail

Fuzhou National Forest Park

Fuzhou National Forest Park, used to be called Fuzhou wood park before the year 1993, was built in February, 1960. The highest hill in the park is 643 meters tall. There are more than 2500 kinds of trees from China and other countries, such as ceiba, lombardy poplar, araucaria, camphor, Chinese pine, ginkgo, metasequoia, etc. In the park, there are various kinds of rare plants under State protection (category II), such as metasequoia, the so-called live fossil, the world famous Chinese dove tree ... View Detail

In the mountains

Yu Mountain is called Jiuxian Mountain again, is one of the three mountains in the city of Fuzhou, and stands division into three with Wushi Mountain and Ping Mountain. In order to recover the famous spot historic monuments in the sight-see area, they plant trees and floriculture, fix to set up the highway to climb mountain, establish the library, the exhibition building, art museum etc., it becomes the good place of the rest tour of people, ascend the Aoding Peak, you can be fulfill to accept ... View Detail

Half foreign Shifan

There is a disk-shaped big reef on the sea surface in the west of the intersection of Pingtan and the intersection of the intersection of the county and northwest end and the intersection of the intersection of Jiangsu and Australia and town, it is holding Senior One and two low tablets shape marine abrasion column, looks like a big yacht wholly. The sail hove in two huge stone image two sides, the ship seems to be braving the wind and the waves and advancing. This is famous natural landscape of ... View Detail

Ping Shan

Pingshan Mountain is located in the northern of the city. The mountain is set a screen to surround an protect the city, so called Pingshan Mountain. Its elevation is 62m and its area is 50 hectare, so it is also called Yanglou Mountain. So far, in the city, there are leaving over the historical sites of the state of Yue. The northern of the mountain is called "Longyao Mountain". In 1371, the soninlaw called Wang Gong rebuilted Fuzhou prefectural city that built Yanglou on the top of ... View Detail

Rock water

In the east of the door of mountain of the fountain temple, a stone builds the arched door, submit a written statement to " efficacious source depths " . Draw near by steps more than 60 grade on precipice and lay,of split by one ravine,about 3 meter wide, about 10 meter deep, like by stone hole, thus come the name of " efficacious source hole " . Because " drink water rock " Stone engraving, area this to " drink ink rock " . Efficacious the intersection of ... View Detail


Fuzhou has always been known as "three mountains." Osan is one of three mountains. Osan also known Wushishan, radio Osan, bit the city center, and in the mountains, Ping Shan separate categories. According to legend, Ho Han Shan nine cents in the Chung Yeung Festival Dengwu Range Rover, shoot the black lead, it is also known as "Radio Osan." Tang Tianbao eight years (749 years), Emperor Albrecht called the "Fujian mountains." Song Xining years, Mayor Meng and ... View Detail