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As the name of this park shows, East lake park is in the east of Luohu district. In fact, the artificial lake around this park is a reservoir which supply portable water for Shenzhen and Hong Kong. If you take taxi from train station(border), you just need to pay 20 yuan. The whole park is free except the amusement part for kids. East lake must be worth to you. It is an unbelievable big park.
The park covered an area of 50 hectares, East Lake Park is a resort regarding to its natual beauty of lakes and mountains, green ecosystem environment and natural landscape. Through the undulating mountains, a winding brook purls and rings the surrounding. On the spacious lake surface, there are pillar bridge, pavilion bridge, corridor bridge and arched bridge of various style, some have carving denoting Chinese culture. Amusements equipments are available in this scenic area.
Location: Central Jiangmen city
1, Reach to the No.1 gate: bus line 3, 17, 64, 320, 29, 106, 208, 211, 300, 308, 336, 351, 365, 372
2, Reach to the No.2 and No.3 gates: bus line 27, 103, 111, 113, 202, 205, 218, 220, 237, 311, 333, 360, 364

Tickets: free