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Score: 4.2 / out of 5.0
 Standard Room
 Business Travel

Road works, road pass, backyard plot holes, suitcase wheels walking is difficult, parking there is no order, no smooth road.

 Standard Room
 Business Travel

Hotel equipment and some old, service is OK, can be regarded as two-star, and elevated construction downstairs, opposite the district, also was a little bit noisy, but the traffic is very convenient, near to eat is not far.

 Business Queen Room
 Couples Traveling

To be honest, never slept so badly, first of all, business big bed room, said 1.8-meter, is actually a long wide 1.9-meter by 1.6-meter, my husband and I standing in 1.75-meter, feet out of bed when sleeping, bed long enough. Secondly, the sheet material is I've never seen before--in the bedding and quick-drying fabric, is pretty much like an umbrella made of cloth, or cloth with that Jersey, you can imagine you are lying in bed, rolled overA leg that Cha Cha voices is, but why? Again, the bed was very hard, the hardest bed I slept, no one. Finally, the hot water was not hot, warm, take a bath or something I don't want to. In General, also did not train hard sleeper sleeping comfortable, really was drunk, not tossing and turning had been sleeping really sad, ready to sleep through the night lying on the table ... now three o'clock in the morning I TM want to die there!

 Standard Room
 Business Travel

Only OK

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